Gangstar City

Play as Tonny Ocean and commit crimes in Crime Miami


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  • Category Action/Adventure
  • Program license Free
  • Version 2.1.3
  • Size 18 MB
  • Works under: Android
  • Package name
  • Program by Gameloft

Gangstar City is a massive open sandbox crime game for Android OS, designed to compare to Grand Theft Auto.

Gangstar is the first major franchise in the mobile gaming industry to take sandbox gaming to the next level. While the game is very glitchy, the graphics are amazing compared to other mobile games. Gangstar City is complete with full missions and some multiplayer content. Ostensibly, it looks great. However, there are some internal flaws.

The game looks great, but the graphics are at the expense of performance and testing. The company who produced it, GameLoft, is known for putty out flashy games without much substance. There are many glitches that are game-breaking, and many unfortunate hiccups cause it to become almost unplayable at times.

Nevertheless, dedicated open sandbox players will be uniquely satisfied with this game. It has lots of fun things to do around the city. The player can even build up their own gang and battle rivals, go on street races, evade the police, carjack random people, and generally terrorize the city.

This game used to operate on a single-purchase model. However, once in-app purchases became more popular, the download itself is now free, but players may have to shell out some money for in-game "microtransactions".

All-in-all, Gangstar City is fun to play for a little bit. It's an impressive feat, but there isn't much there to keep bringing players back. It gets old fast, but it's a nice way to spend a few hours on a weekend.


  • Amazing graphics for a mobile game
  • True open-world feel with lots of options
  • Players can customize and build their own gangs


  • Requires in-app purchases for many items
  • Gets old very fast
  • Some game-breaking glitches still in the game